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The Owen Sound Grain Elevators and their Interesting History!

Whether you've lived in Owen Sound all your life, or you're visiting for the day, (and considering buying some affordable real estate in the area), you'll want to visit the North Point of the West Harbour Front Wall! Here you'll be able to have an up-close view of the Owen Sound Grain Elevators, and take in some breathtaking Georgian Bay Water Views! This is the closest point of the Harbour to the Georgian Shores Marina, and the Yacht Club, so from here you'll also catch some great scenes of boating activities. Built in 1884 by the Canadian Pacific Railway, the Grain Elevators have been a vibrant part of the booming industry in Owen Sound! In 1911, the Grain Elevators were destroyed by fire and weren't rebuilt again until 1925! While the Owen Sound Grain Elevators are still in operation today, they are so at a very limited capacity due to the lack of required dredging. It is said that only 2% of the freight ships are able to dock at the grain elevators due to the shallow harbour. Check out some aerial videography, and a hyper time-lapse in the video here! I've always thought the the towers would make awesome Condo's! :) Thanks for stopping by! If you're looking to buy or sell real estate in the Owen Sound area, please feel free to reach out to Century 21 In-Studio Realty!
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Are condos a good investment?

The Owen Sound and Grey Bruce has seen the prices of Condos rise at the same pace as the other residential categories. Townhomes tend to carry the lowest return on investment as they generally cap out in price. Choosing to live in a condo is usually a choice and an investment in oneself! If you're at the stage of life where you're considering the purchase of a condo, your question shouldn't be, 'is a condo a good investment', it should be 'which condo is the best one for me!?'

What do condo fees cover?

Each condo differs, and you'll want to have your lawyer review the condo documents to know exactly what is included and not included. Typically condo fees cover all the common areas, exterior maintenance, windows, doors, snow and garbage removal and certain utilities.

What is a Status Certificate?

Besides the amount of money in the reserve fund, the condo documents may include other pertinent information including rules and regulations set out by the condo. When purchasing a condo, it’s important to make your offer conditional upon your lawyer reviewing the condo’s documents. Condo documents are usually requested and made available by the Seller shortly after a conditional offer is put in place. When the Seller requests the Status Certificate, a member of the condo will usually do a visual inspection of the interior to confirm that no work or alterations were done to the condo that are against their bylaws.

What Are Condo Rules?

These can range anywhere from age limits to pet sizes to the colours of your curtains. Knock, knock. ‘Mrs. Smith, we noticed that you have 2 window air conditioners, and the condo bylaws only permit one window air conditioner per unit!’ While condo rules at times may seem restrictive, they are generally in place to keep the overall look and feel of the building consistent!

Am I allowed to renovate my condo?

Typically interior improvements including paint and fixtures such as toilets and sinks are permissible. Structural alterations are usually prohibited, but may be approved by the board. Often times exterior components of your unit such as doors and balconies will have to remain a certain colour. If you’re considering purchasing a condo that you wish to change, it would be a wise idea to make your inquiries before making a firm deal.

What's The Best Condo In Owen Sound?

Well, we had to put this term here! Surely somebody searched it, and wanted an opinion! All things considered, Stavely Court and the Lesley Condos are low key condos with good space, lower condo fees and are near Owen Sounds booming East End Development. These would likely be ranked as the most affordable condominiums in Owen Sound.

If Money isn’t an issue, you absolutely cannot go wrong with the sweeping bay views offered by the Harbourfront Condominiums

Other Questions To Consider When Buying A Condo

A condominium is very much it's own community. It has a board of directors made up of its residents, it has rules, restrictions, bylaws and may even have fines for violations. No 2 condos are the same! It pays to keeping a checklist handy when you're ready to buy your first condo!

Can I have pets? Are there restrictions to sizes, and types of animals? Is there an age limit on the occupants? Is there a limit to the amount of people that can occupy the unit? Can it be used as a rental, or must it be owner occupied? Can I have a BBQ on my balcony? Is there a time restriction on the common elements such as the Library or Pool? Can I sell my parking space? How Much money is in the reserve fund? Which major renovations have been completed and which ones still remain?

Owen Sound Condominium Information Directory

  1. Harbourfront Condos (Waterfront Condo) - 2555 3rd Ave W, Owen Sound, ON N4K 2M5 - (519) 371-6481
  2. Stavely Court (East Hill Condo) - 1775 9th Ave E Owen Sound, ON N4K 6T3
  3. The Lesley Condominium - (East Hill Condo) - 860 9th St E, Owen Sound, ON N4K 1R2
  4. CentreSuites - (Downtown Condos) - 945 3rd Ave E, Owen Sound, ON N4K 2K8
  5. The Sydenham (RiverFront / Downtown Condo) - 163 8th St E, Owen Sound, ON N4K 1K9
  6. Bayview Heights (East Hill Townhouses) Laurie, Lamson & Lila Cres
  7. Harbour House (Blue Condos, Downtown North) - 1455 2nd Ave W, Owen Sound, ON N4K 6V3
  8. Pottawatomi Gardens - (One Level - Accessible - West Hill) - 850 Alpha St, Owen Sound N4K 5W